About Us

Hello there,

We are Clear.wine. Our international team is united by a true love of wine. What gets us really excited is interesting wine. We believe that the choice of a good interesting wine either for every day or for special occasions should be wide. Literally, we think experimenting with wines is a good idea.

This is what we were guided by when we opened a wine store (online and offline very soon). We wanted to bring a large selection of good quality wine at the right price to the Czech Republic. We have created a cool place where it will be convenient and easy for you to choose “your” wine. At the same time, the wine range is constantly updated.

Moreover we are addicted to digital technologies and follow new trends, and therefore we tried to create a modern comprehensive online store and use all kinds of useful features, including the Vivino rating. Specially, in order to make wine selection as easy as possible for you, we have already integrated the Vivino rating into the wine selection process, which we ourselves actively use when we choose wines.

We offer and recommend only those wines in which we ourselves are confident and the rating on Vivino is not lower than 3.5.

We continue to study and try new ideas every day to improve our quality of service and therefore our store.

Share your ideas here with us or come to our beautiful store to say us “hello” and choose wine for the evening.